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Editor’s Note: This post includes affiliate links, which indicates I get a commission if you make a purchase utilizing these links. For full details go to the disclosures page . Get $100 off a Purple Bed Mattress + Platform Base, while products last. Click here to activate and get the best discount rate. I just recently purchased the Purple Pillow from onpurple.com.

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It is the most breathable pillow I have checked to date. That’s since it is made with the exact same innovation as the Purple Bed Mattress and Purple Seat Cushions. It is also a heavy pillow weighing 9 pounds. Fortunately you won’t need to ever turn it to the cool side since it remains cool all night long.

Below is a video overview of the Purple Pillow and me taking it out of the product packaging. I like how it was available in a purple plastic bag that can be unzipped. This is basically a miniature version of their mattress packaging. You can purchase this direct from the Purple site.

I haven’t discovered any other pillow rather like this one. Here are the construction details and highlights as noted on the Purple site: NO MORE FLUFFINGThe Purple ® Pillow is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer ™ and organized in a head-specific Smart Comfort Grid ™ so it will never ever break down or lose its shape.

The enhanced edges offer your neck extra support all night. SLEEP COOL ALL NIGHTWaking up hot and sweaty is the worst. Sleep neutral– not too hot, not too cold– with the Purple ® Pillow since it enables air to flow easily through the pillow. CUSTOMIZE YOUR HEIGHTLike a taller pillow? Use the air booster to add some extra height to your pillow.

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You’ll simply get ideal sleep every night. Here’s a photo of the inside of the Purple pillow. Here’s another image of the Purple Pillow without the cover. This shows how much the pillow will sink. The bowling ball in the image weighs 14 pounds. Here’s the tag that is on the pillow noting the chemicals used for building.

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The pillow itself is 98% Gel which is the hyperelastic grid while the remaining 2% is polyester. You also get the Purple Booster which is basically a blow-up cushion that you can put under the pillow and inside the pillowcase. I didn’t require this as I prefer a thinner pillow.

Here’s another upgraded photo of the Purple Pillow with a more recent iphone This is what the pillow booster appears like inflated: The Purple pillowcase is really elastic which lets you get the full impact of the purple grid. I cleaned mine as regular in my washing maker and didn’t discover any shrinking.

I washed mine in warm water and didn’t have an issue. Here’s the tag from the Purple pillowcase that describes a little bit more about it: This pillowcase is a little various than many because it has a zipper to totally confine the pillow. The factor it requires to completely encase the pillow is that if you were to utilize the booster, it will keep them together and avoid them from falling out.

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The Purple Pillow has a special feel. I can see why they decided to make a pillow based upon the success of the bed mattress. My very first night sleeping on it was intriguing. I valued the ability of this pillow to remain temperature neutral. Heat did not develop considering that air flowed easily through the grid.

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However, I did wake up a couple times during the night since my ear felt a little aching. I’m unsure how to remedy this but it may be something I’ll get used to. For people that sleep hot, I highly recommend attempting it and if you’re a fan of the Purple mattress, this completes the experience.

Get $100 off a Purple Bed Mattress + Platform Base, while products last. Click here to activate and get the very best discount rate.

I got struck with a Facebook video ad a couple months earlier. It was for a pillow that differs from any other pillow out there. They compared it to sleeping on the tummy of a jolly fat guy. The timing of this advertisement could not have been much better for the advertiser. I had actually been fighting with a sore neck for the past 3 weeks.

My neck got progressively even worse over the next week. My pillow, the highly-rated Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow , felt like it was making my neck even worse. I had a number of nights in which I reshaped the pillow all kinds of ways, turned it over and over numerous times, and even tried sleeping without one.

That’s when the Purple Pillow entered my awareness through a smart ad. It’s an amusing one that deserves watching simply for laughs. The promise of a cooler pillow with remarkable assistance seemed like a silver bullet. I instantly clicked through and check out the item before putting my purchase.

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They did have totally free shipping in addition to a 100-night risk complimentary trial offer, so worst case was that I would have the ability to return it if I hated it. It took about 2 weeks for the pillow to arrive. By then, my neck discomfort had actually dissipated and I was getting by all right with my bamboo pillow.

Because buying the pillow, I had actually also enjoyed the enjoyable advertisement for the Purple Bed mattress. I’m not in the market for a brand-new mattress, but the advertisement made me feel great about the pillow considering that it would be made utilizing the exact same product. The Purple Pillow comes in a quite great luggage.

The pillow comes in a compact round bag. It feels like a nice travel pack. The pillow itself is a purple blob constructed of the the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. It came covered in a thin layer of cloth that has a zipper. I opened the zipper to inspect out the purple blob and to take a look at the powder that everyone appeared to point out in their You Tube evaluations of the product.